Steel Service celebrated 50 years on April 24 at their quarterly Luncheon. As of January 1, 2019, Steel Service has been in business for 50 years! We were excited to celebrate this big milestone with our employees, special guests, and amazing food provided by Penn’s. Our luncheon gave us the opportunity to recognize employee anniversaries throughout the first quarter and a retirement of an employee who had been here for 33 years. Most importantly, we recognized the man who started it all back in 1969, Mr. Larry Cox. Steel Service thanks Mr. Cox and all employees for their hard work!

Quarter 1 Anniversaries:

1 Year:
Russell Jones
Levy Ellison
Chuck Weddington
James Chapman
Clark Wallace
Joseph Brazeal
John Cook

5 Years:
Corey Mays
Jeff Tingle
Randy Ahrend

15 Years:
Terry Dampier

20 Years:
James Russell

25 Years:
Doug Fiorilli

50 Years:
Larry Cox